The Best Cuisine in Indonesia

The Best Cuisine in Indonesia
The Best Cuisine in Indonesia

Indonesia has a variety of delicious foods. Each area usually has a typical food from their respective regions that are different from each other. Various types of food is usually processed with various herbs as well. Making typical Indonesian cuisine is not as easy as making overseas cuisine that is usually simple and does not need a lot of spices. One of the best cuisine in Indonesia is rendang. Did you ever eat rendang before? Yes, maybe you have. Therefore, below you will get a recipe and how to cook rendang.
·         500 gram of beef scrub, cut in approximately 12 parts
·         2 pieces of turmeric leaves
·         2 pieces of orange leaf
·         Lemongrass 2 sticks, crushed
·         1 deaf fruit
·         Grilled coconut 2 tablespoons
·         Coconut milk 1000-1500 ml from 2 coconuts
·         Oil 2 tablespoons
Seasoning Recipes
·         Onion 10 grains
·         Garlic 6 cloves
·         150 grams of red chili
·         Cayenne pepper according to taste
·         Candlenut 5 grains
·         Cumin 1/2 teaspoon
·         Coriander 1 teaspoon
·         Turmeric 1/2 cm
·         Ginger 1 cm
·         Salt to taste

How to Make Rendang
1.     Try to flatten the beef before cooking to make the meat more quickly tender. If you have difficulty in flattening the meat with a knife, you can hit it or pound it with a blunt tool to make the meat flat. Flattened beef rendang will make the seasoning easier to pour into the meat.
2.     Younger pineapple contains bromelin enzyme that can decompose fiber of beef, goat or buffalo. Therefore, if you channel the young pineapple over the meat then this will make it more quickly soft and does not take long while cooking. You can leave the pineapple for 20 minutes for the enzyme to respond.
3.     Heat oil, sauté fine spices, turmeric leaves, lime leaves, lemongrass and deaf to fragrant.
4.     Enter the meat, stirring until it changes color.
5.     Pour the coconut milk and add roasted grated coconut, cook over medium heat, stirring slowly until boiling.
6.     Reduce the heat, cook until the meat is cooked, greasy and browned.
7.     Raise the rendang from the skillet.
8.     Rendang is ready to serve.
Based on the description above, now you already know the ingredients to make rendang, seasoning recipes, how to make meat so soft, and some steps to make rendang. Because rendang is one of the best cuisine in Indonesia. Therefore, now you can try to make your own rendang in your home. Good luck!

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