Delicious and Nutritious ‘Sayur Bening’ from Indonesia

Delicious and Nutritious ‘Sayur Bening’ from Indonesia

Delicious and Nutritious ‘Sayur Bening’ from Indonesia
Lots of menu you can find in Indonesia, and if you visit many places in Indonesia, of course you will get many opportunities to taste various kinds of delicious food. Indeed, sometimes cooking takes a long time, but all that will pay off when the dishes we produce delicious and many people who love it. Cooking is like a noble thing we do by heart, not just to please yourself but others. For those of you who love to cook at home, you should try cooking ‘sayur bening’ because in addition to easy, this is also tasty and nutritious. Below is a recipe for making ‘sayur bening’.
·         Fresh spinach is approximately 2 bunches only. Wash clean and pick and throw the base.
·         Medium tomato fruit approximately 1 pcs.
·         Garlic is more or less as much as 1 pcs only. Peel the skin and sliced thinly.
·         Cut fresh sweet corn that has been cut to taste more or less as much as 1 pcs only.
·         White sugar to taste according to taste.
·         Instant broth taste chicken appropriately to taste.
·         Iodized salt kitchen taste to taste.
·         Some water
Steps to Make ‘Sayur Bening’
1.     Prepare a pan and pour some water into it (about half a pan to soak all the vegetables). Cook water until boiling.
2.     Put the sweet corn pieces into boiling water. Make sure the maize pieces are not too big and not too small. Approximately 5-7 cm trim pieces should be cut.
3.     Stir briefly the water and wait until approximately maize is almost cooked. You can try pressing the corn with a spoon whether it is somewhat softened or not.
4.     Then put the spinach vegetables with tomato slices into the pan. Stir until all the spinach and tomatoes are submerged in water. Next enter the chicken instant broth enough to feel the aroma of chicken. Stir until all ingredients are mixed evenly.
5.     Enter enough sugar and salt iodine salt to your taste. Then stir back until the salt and sugar dissolves.
6.     Reduce the heat until it is on medium heat while stirring again until all the ingredients are well blended.
7.     After all the ingredients are cooked, the test tastes. You can add sugar, salt if you feel it is still needed or something is missing.
8.     ‘Sayur Bening’ is ready to serve.
Based on the above description you have been able to make ‘Sayur Bening’. It's very easy for you to make at home. In addition, ‘Sayur Bening’ are also nutritious because the ingredients are vegetables. Have a try!

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