How to Make ‘Soto Ayam’

How to Make ‘Soto Ayam’
How to Make ‘Soto Ayam’

‘Soto Ayam’ is an easy food once you meet anywhere if you visit Indonesia. This food is almost there in every region. Taste and also the appearance of chicken soup in each area are usually different from each other. But basically, the material and also how to make chicken soup is the same. There are only additional ingredients and also how to cook a little different so that Soto Ayam many kinds. And if you are interested to learn how to make savory and delicious chicken soup you can try the following Soto Ayam recipes.
Recipes and Ingredients to Make Soto Ayam
·         1 chicken
·         200 grams of bean sprouts / sprouts (boiled briefly)
·         200 grams of cabbage / cabbage
·         50 grams of soun (soaked in hot water)
·         2 tomatoes
·         4 pieces of potato (can be boiled / fried)
·         3 boiled eggs
·         2 liters of water
·         Some fried onion
·         2 bay leaves
·         2 stalks of lemongrass
·         1 spring onion
·         25 grams of galangal
·         2 tablespoons of cooking oil
Pounded Ingredients
·         5 grams of turmeric
·         15 grams of ginger
·         3 cloves of red onion
·         2 cloves of garlic
·         4 pieces of pecan
·         2 tablespoons of salt
·         ½ teaspoon pepper
Steps to Make ‘Soto Ayam’
1.     Stir-fry the spices you've pureed until the aroma came out. Stir-fry with little oil.
2.     Boil the chicken in the pan together with the seasoning that has been stirred.
3.     Then add the galangal, bay leaf, lime leaves and lemongrass leaves into the chicken stew.
4.     Cook about 30 minutes until the chicken becomes tender.
5.     Add salt and pepper to taste in chicken stew.
6.     After chicken meat is quite tender, separate the chicken meat from the bone, then return the bone into the sauce in the pan.
7.     Add the scallion pieces and wait until the sauce boils.
8.     While waiting for the boiling sauce. Prepare cabbage, soun, bean sprouts, sliced ​​potatoes, egg slices, tomatoes and chicken meat that has been in shredded chicken into the serving bowl.
9.     Then after that flush the ingredients in a bowl with soup cooked Soto.
10.  To decorate Soto Ayam to look more beautiful, you can sprinkle it with fried onions and lime slices on it to your taste.
11.  And the special Soto Ayam is ready to serve.
Now you know how to make 'Soto Ayam'. You can try to make your own and serve it to your family. It's not too difficult and you can certainly do it. Good luck!

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